Family Values Packages

Clearly Presented Family Tree


A colourful family tree that is easy to understand.  All partners are included for each surname researched.  All children whose births were registered via the parish church or civil registration records are also included on the family tree.  See below for prices.

A Report


Family members are linked together using family group sheets. Please note: the above family group sheet is based on fictional people.  See below for prices.

Certificates, Census Records and Additional Documents (e.g. newspaper articles and wills)


I will always ask you before ordering initial or extra certificates. Certificates cost £9.25 (sometimes £6) and are not included in package prices.  See below for prices.


"my family tree [has] come alive with so much information and stories" Judith O

What can I do for you?


Included in every Family Values Package:

  • A family tree.
  • All birth, marriage and death certificates for direct descendants if they have been purchased (in agreement with you).
  • Copies of relevant census returns and any other documents or articles.
  • A report tracing family relationships.
  • A report on findings (detailing the various searches I have undertaken and suggestions for further research) 
  • Springback binder 

My promise to you:

I will meticulously research your family tree using various tools and resources. My 15 years of family research experience will produce a tree and a report that is both accurate and informative.  If I cannot find a particular relative we will agree a portion of your money back or I will pursue another part of your family tree for the same price.  I cross-reference all of my research with various sources; I will not place a relative in your tree unless I am certain of his or her place in your tree.

Starter Package £165

This is research BEYOND what you already know.  If you don't have the relevant certificates for you, your parents and any grandparents, I will charge accordingly to research and procure these. For the starter package, I will trace your ancestors back to your great-grandparents. Partners and all traceable offspring are included as part of my research. Click on the button below for an illustration of a fictional family tree. Please be mindful of the fact that research can take 3 weeks to 3 months, sometimes longer, depending on the size of the project.

Please email me for a quote (click on the contact button below) if you would like me to research more than one surname, or if you would like me to research further generations.

Bespoke Family Values Packages Available

I can tailor your needs to the Family Values package.  You may have already done lots of research and would like to take it further but feel you have hit a brick wall.  I offer one hour's free consultation to assess the work you have already done.  I will then give you a quote before taking research any further. I can research any family member (there are always exceptions) born or resident in the UK from the early 1800s onwards.  In some instances, I am also able to research relatives from elsewhere in the world until the early 1800s. Beyond the early 1800s, as with all genealogists and family historians, I tend to specialise in ancestors from my local area i.e. North Yorkshire and Durham.  Once family tree research uncovers ancestors born earlier than the 1800s, every researcher is then limited by their proximity to relevant records in local county records offices and so on.  



Up-front payment before research commences (once research costs have been agreed) is 50% of the research costs as well as the cost of the initial certificates (2-3 certificates for between £6-£9.25 each).  An invoice for the the final amount will be sent prior to sending your family tree.  Your family tree will be sent once the invoice has been settled.  Any additional certificates ordered will be included on your invoice (it will also show the ones you have already paid for), but I will always check before ordering certificates during the research process.  I will never charge for extra research unless we have agreed extra research costs in advance of the final invoice.