Hourly Research

Research tailored to your needs

Library and Archive Research

Maybe you are researching a Yorkshire or Durham based family on behalf of a client and you would like my help to find out more?  Maybe you live in a different country and would like me to help you further your research on foot?  If so, I can visit the following archives or libraries on your behalf:

North Yorkshire County Record Office in Northallerton

Middlesbrough Central Library

Teesside Archives 

Redcar Library

Borthwick Institute, University of York

Explore York Libraries and Archives

Durham County Record Office

Durham University Library

The above libraries store documents not available on the internet, for example electoral registers for the local area.  The archives contain many documents and manuscripts, for example, older parish records, as well as personal letters and records that are of interest to the public.

Long Lost Relatives

I am also able to trace long lost relatives.  I offer a free half hour consultation to assess your needs and to ascertain whether or not I may be able to help you.

Hourly research is £18 per hour.

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Payment for hourly research must be paid up-front.  2-3 hours research for a long lost relative can be booked initially in order for me to make progress.  After that, we can mutually decide whether it is worth spending more time and money.  

Archive research must be booked for a minimum of 2 hours and be paid for in advance.  It is advisable for you to email the relevant archive in advance of contacting me a) to enquire as to whether they can simply email you the relevant information and b) to ascertain, in advance of my arrival, whether it is likely that the relevant document/s will be there.

I will send an invoice for the amount of time you would initially like me to research; I will begin researching once the invoice is settled.  If certificates need to be purchased, I will always ask in advance of purchasing them.  An invoice for the certificates will be sent separately.  Any research results will be sent along with any certificates once all invoices have been settled. I will never charge for extra research unless we have agreed extra research costs in advance of the final invoice.